C'est le nuit
So this are the pictures from two nights ago, hope you all had a great time!. I was a little pissed because some friend of mine upload some pictures from my camera into her facebook... yeah it was my fault i thought she just wanted to have them on a disc so she can later print them.
But well she upload them, plus she was a major biatch ignorant when I nicely told her to put them down , but she just didn't. Sometimes people don't have respect for others people things, yeah i call my picture things. I wasn't just taking pictures for fun!, well it is fun but... you know what I mean!. Plus she was like what should I take those pictures of? B! I took them!, but whatever getting pissed for this kind of people its NOT WORTH IT!.

I had a great night, hope you all did so ENJOY!


ELAX dijo...
27 de octubre de 2009, 22:49

this looks like it works :)

Beth dijo...
8 de noviembre de 2009, 11:08

yay! I can comment now! I've been trying to do so for some time but the past layout wouldn't let me :)

I got here through Flickr, I'm Lovely Chaos :)


Lady E dijo...
12 de noviembre de 2009, 15:08

Yeah I read ur comment on Flickr!
Im so glad u got to see my blog well im happy u been reading my posts! :)
U can comment anything!

by the way i love your new pictures!! :)

So Magazine dijo...
12 de noviembre de 2009, 15:31

♥ :)
Soy Iris escribiendo jeje

Un saludo!

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