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shipanoffmaldito hijo de puta! - I think it is about Morris... We will check out tomor...

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maldito hijo de puta! - I think it is about Morris...

We will check out tomorrow, july 7th. We want to leave Los Angeles, and it is important for me to see you for the last time. How can we meet?


Дмитрий Щипанов

shipanoff to me

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Estefania, how are you? Where are you living now?

I think, that we must leave Dorms 'till 7th of July, cause I have some troubles with Morris. What about living together? It can be easy, if we will look for appartment with you, I think so.and do you have any place to live untill we find the suitable apartment(your friends place or something else..we will not disturb anyone.because after 7th of July we have no place to move in.And let's meet somewhere after your work and talk about everything.


Дмитрий Щипанов

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates
Faux leather Stilettos are the new Gladiator's

  I just bought this shirt and I absolutly looove it!
1.Bow/vintage 2.RayBan Wayferer Sunglasses 3. Gray Shirt, Sfera. 4.Black Pencil Skirt, Sfera 4. Little black Purse, vintage. 5. Black Faux Leather Boots, Steve Madden.

Every year the Institute S.P.A.C makes space for this beauty pageant, this event is appalled by High school girls, anyone can enter the competition from freshman till seniors. So before they do the big event they prepare the girls, from photos to makeup…and so they asked me to cover the story for their photoshoot!. This is some of the pictures I took when the contestants where posing for their “Casual” shoot! .This girls had such a great time! (Except for the jumping part, am I right girls?)

So the day of the event and time will be revealed here in the next couple of days, so you go and support ur favourite gal. Oh and the theme for this year? BRAZIL! HOT!

Wish u all girls the best!



Vancouver Olympic Shame

All eyes are on Canada as it prepares to host the 2010 Winter Olympics. This extra attention will bring increased scrutiny and comes with the added responsibility of setting a positive example for the world. That's why calling on the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to use its clout to help stop the Canadian seal slaughter.

During Canada's annual seal massacre, hundreds of thousands of baby seals are shot or have their skulls crushed, all for the sake of "fashion." Sealers routinely hook seals in the eye, cheek, or mouth to avoid damaging the pelt, then drag the seals across the ice, in many cases without checking to ensure that they are unconscious.Baby seals stand no chance against club-wielding trappers. We should do everybody are way of supporting by Supporting the PETA Campaign!

We can all do our daily basis animal friendly day action, one of them should defenetly be to be part of this cause. Go to

My NEW Obsession!

Marina and the diamonds is AMAZING! this is the perfect combination of an amazing voice and stylish look! loved it! btw u must listen to all their songs!

I'm not in the mood of going to a restaurant right now, don't you have those types of days when you just want to sleep? this is my day. And I thought of this group, YOU MUST LISTEN! Its a Born Ruffians meets Teenagers in Tokyo.

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