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So it was a bright new day: no data from the GUY, no signs of inflammation on my stomach (means no period or at least means that I’ve been eating good), 8 hours of sleep and no pimple on my face!( Yeii!).

To start my day I read this kick ass article about detox, thinking when was the last time I actually drink more than two litters of water a day, i felt so healthy even reading it. Then I read something really fucked up, did you know that way back on the days people used to eat only 30 grams of sugar a day and today we consume more than 230 grams a day?, yup there goes the reason why child obesity is portrayed by every kid in United States and México. It makes so much sense; I remember my menu when I was a kid it was based in three cans of coca cola, tacos and chips. Thank god my mom introduced me exercise and diet coke (god bless diet coke) anyways, they were saying that anyone that was planning to go on a diet should definitely try the detox. Actually it was recommended to try it for 3 weeks two times a year. I'll just stick the link to the diet, hope everybody think twice about those Doritos that are across the screen. I love them but health it's first.

There was this phrase my grandma use to say: "A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips".

So cut down on the sugar baby!
A Paris Hilton Documentary, really?

Gagaloo for V magazine!

Lady GaGa goes nude and french for the shots of the upcoming issue of V Magazine, photographed by Mario Testino.

Dj A.M Dies of Drug Overdose

DJ A.M. has passed away. Born Adam Goldstein, he formerly was engaged to Nicole Richie and miraculously escaped a plane crash last year (with Travis Barker from Blink 182).
His body was discovered by the New York Police Department at his apartment in NYC on Friday.He was 36 years old.
The New York Post is reporting that drug paraphernalia was found in the apartment.
So sad!!!!
The DJ had seemingly overcome his addiction to drugs and was even recently working on an MTV show to help young people get sober.
On August 25th, in what would now be his last public communication, DJ AM wrote on his Twitter, "New york, new york. Big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems." It was a line from a Grandmaster Flash song.

According to NBC New York, "DJ AM had not been heard from for a few days, and one of his friends went to check on him, but got no response after knocking on his apartment door, law-enforcement sources said. The friend then called the police, who broke into the apartment and found the DJ's body."
According to reports, AM had been battling with depression lately. "DJ AM thought the depression was a result of trying to stop taking pain medication since his tragic plane accident."
Prescription pill bottles and a pipe commonly used to smoke drugs (a crack pipe) were found at DJ AM's apartment, according to reports. He was wearing sweatpants and no shirt and was pronounced dead on the scene when paramedics arrived.

Read it!

I laugh my ass of after reading this. It's a must in basic bloggerian literature:

So you wanna date a Skater? by Cassiopia Coane

When man got tired of walking and created the wheel, I don't think he was aware of what he was doing. Sure, motorcycles make you look cool, fixed gears give you street cred, and lazy fucks like me appreciate a car. But no one could have predicted the apocalypse that was created when some asshole put a piece of plywood on top of four of those Flinstonian contraptions. All of a sudden, every greasy-haired, pizza-faced outcast was getting attention from the hottest girl in school. With a skateboard in hand, you better believe you were gonna be in the closet for Seven Minutes of Heaven. Forty years later, or however long it's been (like I would fucking know) skaters are still dominating the dating world. I'm trying to figure out what it is that's making me and every girl I know swoon over the dirt bag who cant even hold your hand because its occupied by his precious board. Lets start with the facts:

1. If you bring a board to the bar, you know you're not going home alone. Girls, and I should know, I'm guilty too. I get weak in the knees for a bad boy. How skaters got this reputation? I can't be sure, but either way, they have it, and they are definitely getting blown because of it.

2. A boy with a board equals a boy with bros. Any skate rat comes in a pack. There's at least seven of them who skate together by day, and do car bombs together by night. This means either more for you, or some fun to share with your friends. And of course, they are all repping "no homo" as they only speak in indecipherable slang, so you just have to be convinced that their male bonding is nothing but the good kind.

3. They dress well, and no matter how much they pretend not to care, they know it too. This one is simple. Every girl gets butterflies when Cher shows Ty the skater crew in her introduction to Bronson Alcott high. Clueless changed our lives, made us want the boy in the baggy pants and the knee length t-shirt.

The only down side to this is the shoelace belt which is "so homo" no matter how practical it may be. So those are the facts. Now that we have that out of the way, Id like to pose some questions.

1. Is every hot boy a skater, or, are boys hot because they skate? This question is worse than the chicken and the egg question. Everyone has a different response to it, but I fear it's the latter. I'm scared I'm taking home the ugliest guy in the bar just because he's got his board underneath him. I'm manning up, it's pathetic, but true. Guilty as charged.

2. How come every skater sucks in bed? Ask anyone, this theory has been tried and tested and unfortunately always proves true. Perhaps they’re too busy practicing their ollies or kickflips or whatever the fuck they’re called to spend time practicing other skills. Whatever it is, quite simply, whatever they're good at "on the streets" isn't helping them out in the bedroom.

3. This question is perhaps the most perplexing of them all: Why do we still let these over grown boys into our lives knowing everything we know about them? Honestly, why is it that every girl is reading Skateboarding for Dummies just so they can keep up a conversation because these boys don't have shit-else to talk about. This is perhaps the one crime I have yet to committ. Do I know what a “back-front-side-flip” or whatever the fuck it’s called is? Nope. Am I getting laid less because of it? Yep.

Don't get me wrong, I'm ok to go home alone because of my lack of this clearly important knowledge. I don't need to wait around in Max Fish in hopes that at last call some doofus will get away from their "bros" long enough to take me home. I don't need to have a Moz tattoo as a conversation starter (but my vast collection of vintage Smiths T's doesn't hurt). And mind you, I say all of this from no high horse. I've previously been lower than dirt in the skater-dater department. And when I can get some Supreme hat-wearing homeboy drunk enough to go home with me, you best believe I'm capitalizing on the opportunity. But this cultural phenomenon is taking over in ways I'm not prepared for.

Skaters are the new rock stars, the new celebrities. If I could name a pro skater I'd probably come up with some great analogy about how he's gonna get laid more than Brad Pitt. And trust me, whomever this skater is that I should know the name of has a bigger ego than him too. And good for him, keep at it boys. Take advantage that you've somehow played a horrible trick on society and now have more women (or in my case, pathetic girls) than you can handle. Beatlemania died when it got bigger than Jesus. James Dean burned up in a car, and Leonardo Dicaprio never looked as good again as he did in Titanic.

So keep it up boys, because fads don't last forever, especially when they're highly dependent on your ability to stay steady on a fast moving piece of wood.

The Stars Align...

Enjoy the complete MTV Video Music Awards promo parody of West Side Story, starring Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Cobra Starship, Leighton Meester, Ne-Yo, and host Russell Brand (above)!
What do U think?

Chubby Flashback Moment

Le Place

People that are visiting Vallarta or live in, pay attention!. It was a superbusy morning so I was like overexhausted, no breakfast, no makeup on my face ( which is weird ) and no bottle of water on my hand. DEHYDRATION people, so I went to get some paperwork copies and found this amazing Deli. The food was nice as any coffee shop, finish my delicious veggie bagel but that wasn't so interesting until...I try it. THE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE. I felt it was designed for every once chubby kid that lived it's life to the appretiation of every flavor that stand in Mrs.Fields, Oreos and Chips Ahoy!. One word: INCREDIBLE.

So again any pastry lover this is a MUST and the best part about it is that they are aware of the crisis situation, the cookies cost 10 pesos (0.80 dlls)

Where: The Deli is open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday at Venustiano Carranza 311 in the Romantic Zone.
Phone number: is 223-9523.
The Must: Chocolate chip cookie.

The Chosen One

Disc of the day

In my opinion, everything about sequel albums is lame, but nothing about Raekwon is lame. The Artic Monkeys also have a new one out. Hambug-produced by John Homme of Queens of the Stone Age.

Arctic Monkeys - Humbug (2009)
1. My Propeller
2. Crying Lightning
3. Dangerous Animals
4. Secret Door
5. Potion Approaching
6. Fire And The Thud
7. Cornerstone8
. Dance Little Liar
9. Pretty Visitors
10. The Jeweller's Hands

Ah, the joys of summer- heat, humidity, sweat, scorching sunlight, and revenous insects. Sounds like a kill of a day, but don let this elements kink your beauty. I'm so giving the latest tricks to keep the makeup on your lovely face and not making you look like a drag-just picture urself with ur lovely mascara all over your eyes (aka. raccoon eyes), good you get the picture! .

Sunblock I'ts everybody's best friend for life. After appliying ur hydraiting cream wait until its well absorbed, apply sunblock in the face and wait around 10 min so the pores will be completely close. Voilá! Now apply some make up and blow some kisses to the sexy guy that crosses over!

By the way this is my fav sunblock: Shiseido's Ultra-Light Sun Block Lotion SPF 55 $33.00 dlls. For every type of skin!

The one will make all gals tune their heads into your flawless face, the best part about is that come rain, hail, heat and sweat it won't wept away the ultimate resisting makeup. Tip.Apply the liquid foundation with a foam around the face except the eye area and under the nose, those areas should be applied with a little brush for a smoother finish. The Foundation: DiorSkin Sculpt Line-Smoothing Lifting Makeup SPF 2o $53 dlls.

The finishing touch of every perfect makeup face, an incredible coverupnoncloggingporebutstilllookingnaturallyhot powder. Customizing your tone is the key, you should defenetly wait until the liquid foundation its absorbed or your so having a two tone face, not so hot. The tip: is to buy some brushes ( Ecotools are my fav!) and brush the powder on you. After this you'll see you won't need any touch up. The Powder: "Hello Flawless!" SPF 15 by Benefit, $34 dlls.


Nothing upgrades your look better than some nice kicking rockstar sunglasses, the best part about it is that you won't have to ran out of concealer to cover up those amazing black spots you been hitting beneath ur eyes for the past couple of well...since the summer started?.

THE ROCKSTAR LOOKING ITEM: RayBans Wayfarer sunglasses, $150 dlls.
LADY GLAM LOOKING ITEM: Chanel's CC4160Q Sunglasses,$750 dlls.

Nostalgia Baby, Nostalgia

I soooooo love this song, I know must of you know Imogean Heap.
Dont you just adore this song?,Speeding cars obviously ;)
If the song is knew to you, than you welcome!

Hot. Hot. Summer

Yeii I'm sooo happy! looks like Lady E might point her next stop to San Diego, my friend Mish just invited me. Gosh I'm so excited, can't wait to go home and start thinking all the awesome outfits i'll wear!

And If I go, I'm soooo posting every picture of the trip!
San diego Here WE GO!

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