Gaga's Vj is Pretty Much Offended!

God am I tired of hearing this one : " Is lady Gaga Hermafrodite?". ANSWER= NO. While making the rounds to promote her solo headlining Australian tour, Lady GaGa was interviewed by a Brisbane morning radio show and, sure enough, the question about her lady parts made its way into the conversation.
Naturally, she handled herself well when the DJ asked, "where are we at the tiny penis issue right now, Lady Gaga?"
Her response?
"My beautiful vagina is very offended. I'm not offended — my vagina is offended."
When asked if she was embarrassed at all about the rumors floating around, GaGa says in her calm, cool demeanor: "I've sold four million records in six months. I'm not embarrassed about anything."
GaGacontinues with the explanation that the silly rumors are based on "society's reaction to a strong woman — the idea that we equate strength with a man and a penis as a symbol of male strength."
Well, she said it all!
We love this fierce bitch AND her beautiful vagina! So hope you won't ask again!

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