Ah, the joys of summer- heat, humidity, sweat, scorching sunlight, and revenous insects. Sounds like a kill of a day, but don let this elements kink your beauty. I'm so giving the latest tricks to keep the makeup on your lovely face and not making you look like a drag-just picture urself with ur lovely mascara all over your eyes (aka. raccoon eyes), good you get the picture! .

Sunblock I'ts everybody's best friend for life. After appliying ur hydraiting cream wait until its well absorbed, apply sunblock in the face and wait around 10 min so the pores will be completely close. Voilá! Now apply some make up and blow some kisses to the sexy guy that crosses over!

By the way this is my fav sunblock: Shiseido's Ultra-Light Sun Block Lotion SPF 55 $33.00 dlls. For every type of skin!

The one will make all gals tune their heads into your flawless face, the best part about is that come rain, hail, heat and sweat it won't wept away the ultimate resisting makeup. Tip.Apply the liquid foundation with a foam around the face except the eye area and under the nose, those areas should be applied with a little brush for a smoother finish. The Foundation: DiorSkin Sculpt Line-Smoothing Lifting Makeup SPF 2o $53 dlls.

The finishing touch of every perfect makeup face, an incredible coverupnoncloggingporebutstilllookingnaturallyhot powder. Customizing your tone is the key, you should defenetly wait until the liquid foundation its absorbed or your so having a two tone face, not so hot. The tip: is to buy some brushes ( Ecotools are my fav!) and brush the powder on you. After this you'll see you won't need any touch up. The Powder: "Hello Flawless!" SPF 15 by Benefit, $34 dlls.


Nothing upgrades your look better than some nice kicking rockstar sunglasses, the best part about it is that you won't have to ran out of concealer to cover up those amazing black spots you been hitting beneath ur eyes for the past couple of well...since the summer started?.

THE ROCKSTAR LOOKING ITEM: RayBans Wayfarer sunglasses, $150 dlls.
LADY GLAM LOOKING ITEM: Chanel's CC4160Q Sunglasses,$750 dlls.

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