The Future

So it was a bright new day: no data from the GUY, no signs of inflammation on my stomach (means no period or at least means that I’ve been eating good), 8 hours of sleep and no pimple on my face!( Yeii!).

To start my day I read this kick ass article about detox, thinking when was the last time I actually drink more than two litters of water a day, i felt so healthy even reading it. Then I read something really fucked up, did you know that way back on the days people used to eat only 30 grams of sugar a day and today we consume more than 230 grams a day?, yup there goes the reason why child obesity is portrayed by every kid in United States and México. It makes so much sense; I remember my menu when I was a kid it was based in three cans of coca cola, tacos and chips. Thank god my mom introduced me exercise and diet coke (god bless diet coke) anyways, they were saying that anyone that was planning to go on a diet should definitely try the detox. Actually it was recommended to try it for 3 weeks two times a year. I'll just stick the link to the diet, hope everybody think twice about those Doritos that are across the screen. I love them but health it's first.

There was this phrase my grandma use to say: "A moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips".

So cut down on the sugar baby!

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